Web, e-Commerce Testing Projects

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The testing of web applications and e-Commerce systems is typically performed remotely. It is the specificity and to some extent the complexity of this type of projects. Indeed, it is required to verify the work with such external modules as payment systems (WebMoney, PayPal), check the system behaviour with multiple concurrent connections, etc.

For a high grade testing of Web systems, we use a set of field proven methods: various means of Internet connection establishment, different ways of load testing, fast verification of Internet-links and finding broken links, etc.

Web systems have their specific requirements to GUI, i.e. the way web sites should operate at the level of system-user interaction. We are always ready to share our experience in this domain with our customers and suggest them a better solution if anything in the Web-applications does not correspond to these standards.

Knowing of 'popular' bottlenecks in Web applications enables us to accurately plan the testing process and provide projects estimates close to actual resources requirements. This all forms hard ground for delivery on time and within the budget.

Examples of Web applications, e-Commerce testing projects completed: