Compatibility Testing

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Device fragmentation causes enormous amounts of pain to businesses interested in software development today. Target audience is divided between enormous amounts of mobile platforms and their versions, people all over the world prefer to use dozens of various browsers that are installed on different OS’s. All of them are unique in some way. This fragmentation leads to numerous defects that are reproducible in certain environments while not present in others. And, considering you never know what software your users will be operating with – compatibility testing is a necessity in the 21st century.

Compatibility testing services for web, mobile, and desktop:

  • Our lab is fully equipped with an entire stack of actual physical devices your software can be tested on to ensure applications work flawlessly.
  • We are fully equipped with all required hardware, software, environments, servers and data storages to ensure perfect mobile, web and desktop compatibility testing.
  • Engineers from TestFort will ensure unmatched compatibility across all kinds of required OS’s, browsers, app servers, databases, hardware platforms, etc.
  • We embrace and encourage communication and collaboration with clients and our methodology involves visualization, meaning you will be displayed with how your product works in different environments and on various devices throughout the entire testing cycle.