IoT Testing Services

Internet of things testing services provided by TestFort allow you to launch a glitch-free product with seamless performance and unflawed functionality on time.

Internet of Things Testing

IoT market is estimated at $157 billion in 2021, with an anticipated galloping growth in the upcoming years. IoT is an architecture with closely intertwined hardware and software components. IoT testing experts unanimously agree that solely functional testing is not enough for a system’s certification, due to constituent components’ interdependency. We test IoT software considering complex architecture, variety of data, and particularities of IoT ecosystems. Our IoT app testing services cover the development of smart physical devices, IoT robots, hardware automation, smart home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics and sensors.

We help your business scale and correctly implement the IoT testing process in various spheres, including energy management, smart enterprises’ administration, data analytics, etc. We focus on our clients’ needs and provide IoT testing services to ensure that all sensors, data collectors, and connections are installed and processed accurately. Considering the novelty of the IoT technology and its testing peculiarities, we select the most suitable management strategy and provide you with an accurate work plan based on the requirements’ examination. Following all the Service Level Agreements (SLA) items, we ensure timely monitoring, maintenance, and support of all IoT products we test.

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Reasons to Choose IoT Testing

  • Dynamic QA Environment
    Internet of Things testing involves working with large amounts of data and virtual tools necessary to cover all the IoT test cases. The cloud computing environment used by TestFort ensures a large selection of online platforms and 24/7 access to the clouds, reducing required human resources and overall testing costs.
  • Scalability Assessment
    It is crucial to define how fast an IoT device can go from prototype to production and what is needed to make this process hitch-free. IoT testing allows assessing scalability for more precise manufacturing and marketing projections.
  • Integral IoT Testing Services
    There are various ways to ensure all soft- and hardware constituents from different vendors communicate with each other correctly and perform the intended functions. From algorithm validation to stress and performance testing, from interrupt testing to human agent validation — our IoT testing experts cover it all.
  • User Experience Increased Value
    Focusing on customers' needs, you need to make sure that the IoT technology you present can qualitatively cover their expectations and preferences. That's why Internet of Things testing should cover the convenience of usability, functionality, and seamless work of IoT software.
  • On the Mark Galloping Growth
    In 2024 there will be twice as many IoT devices as people on the planet Earth. Fierce growth in production scale comes with compromising the quality risks. Implementing IoT testing is crucial for making sure IoT devices and apps are safe, functional, and bound to function as expected, even under certain technical distress.

IoT Testing Services

Advantages of IoT Testing Services


    Advanced IoT testing tools, proven QA strategies, and efficient methodologies help increase test coverage immensely. With more than 600 cases complete, we know how to enhance the most vital test indicators for your success.

    Our IoT testing experience allows us to test smart web, mobile, and desktop applications, taking into account the particularities of each industry and user's specific needs and adapting to a changing business environment.

    IoT app testing services help eliminate process inefficiencies, general system vulnerability, and cracks that can slow down your release. Improve time to market almost by half and be way ahead of your competitors.

    We provide superior app responsiveness by working with proven and reliable cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Salesforce, OpenShift, Google App Engine, etc., ensuring your application's smooth running, perfect compatibility, and uninterrupted operation.

    Thanks to the most up-to-date IoT testing tools and bulletproof testing methodology, our specialists don't fuss over the project, do only what is efficient, minimize rework, and cut testing costs almost in half.

    Our goal is to make the IoT process efficient, transparent, flexible, and, most importantly, beneficial for your business. Our skilled testing team preaches an individual approach to every client to provide maximum test coverage, contributing to your growth and success.

Our IoT Testing Process

  • Requirements Analysis

    • Business analysis
    • Functional analysis
    • Defining requirements
    • Defining the scope
  • Test Planning

    • Agreeing on test coverage
    • Creating strategy
    • Start of documentation
    • Preliminary estimates
  • Setting up the environment

    • Test case writing
    • Software configuration
    • Hardware configuration
    • Test data preparation
  • Execution & Defect Tracking

    • Tests execution
    • Capturing the defects
    • Documenting the results
    • Sharing insights
  • Final Reporting & Maintenance

    • Summarizing reports
    • Providing recommendations
    • Client’s “Accept!”
    • Project closure

Internet of Things Testing Results

  • Desirable IoT user experience
    People are attracted to new IoT ideas and products and expect them to make their life easier. IoT testing services ensure that customers receive an even better experience than expected and float the market with positive reviews.
  • Competitive business privileges
    Empower your business and incent competitive advantage with first-class IoT solutions, bringing analytical, data operations, and user experience benefits. Invest in IoT testing, and leave rivals behind with your glitch-free products.
  • Predictable market entry
    There is no place for a “fingers crossed” approach in big-league business. You need to ensure your product has bugs fixed and vulnerabilities improved before marketing it. IoT testing reduces defects by 80%, giving room to client-oriented perfection.
  • Impact on the industry
    By building a cutting-edge IoT product, you can not only expand the capabilities of your business, but also can make a huge contribution to the development of your industry. It will help to enhance your market position as well as will make life easier and more comfortable for your users.

We Work With

Having one outside team deal with every aspect of quality assurance on your software project saves you time and money on creating an in-house QA department. We have dedicated testing engineers with years of experience, and here is what they can help you with.

Software is everywhere around us, and it’s essential for your testing team to be familiar with all the various types and platforms software can come with. In 21+ years, our QA team has tested every type of software there is, and here are some of their specialties.

There are dozens of different types of testing, but it takes a team of experts to know which ones are relevant to your software project and how to include them in the testing strategy the right way. These are just some of the testing types our QA engineers excel in.

The success of a software project depends, among other things, on whether it’s the right fit for the industry it’s in. And that is true not just for the development stage, but also for QA. Different industry have different software requirements, and our team knows all about them.

Icon Manual Testing

Maximum precision and attention to detail for a spotless result.

Icon Testing Automation

We’ll automate thousands of tests for all-encompassing coverage.

Icon Testing Outsourcing

Outsource your testing needs to a team of experts with relevant skills.

Icon Testing Consulting

Overhaul your QA processes to achieve even more testing efficiency.

Icon QA

Thorough Quality Assurance for a project of any scale or complexity.

Icon API Testing

Verify the correct operation of as many APIs as your project needs.

Icon IoT Testing

Stay ahead of the growing Internet of Things market with timely testing.

Icon Web App Testing

Reach out to even more customers with a high-quality web application.

Icon Mobile App Testing

Help users fall in love with your mobile app with our texting expertise.


Make sure your CRM/ERP system meets the needs of the stakeholders.

Icon Desktop Application Testing

We’ll check the stability, compatibility, and more of your desktop solution.

Icon Functional Testing

Is your app doing everything it’s supposed to? We’ll help you find out!

Icon Compatibility

Check how your solution works on different devices, platforms, and more.

Icon Usability

Find out if your software solution provides an engaging user experience.

Icon UI

Make sure your application’s UI logic works for all categories of users.

Icon Regression

We’ll verify the integrity of your application after recent code changes.

Icon Online Streaming & Entertainment

Stay on top of the media industry with a technically flawless solution.

Icon eCommerce & Retail

Does your store meet customer needs? We’ll help you know for sure!

Icon HR & Recruiting

Streamline HR processes with a solution that works like a clock

Icon Healthcare

Test the functionality, stability, scalability of your app and more.

Icon Fintech & Banking

Give your users what they want: a powerful, secure fintech product.

Make your IoT project a flawless market hit! Eliminate bugs and fix vulnerabilities here and now

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Benefits of IoT Testing with Us


    We take pride in a 70% client retention rate as we follow industry best practices, offer custom ad affordable solutions, and employ the latest IoT testing tools.

    We were one of the first to work with increasingly complex frameworks and device simulations in this market even before IoT started trending.

    We select the most convenient management methodology that will suit the client's IoT testing expectations. Our teams work with Agile, Waterfall, Kanban, Hybrid, etc., considering available resources, deadlines, and budget.

Cooperation types

Dedicated Team

Hire a full dedicated team of QA engineers and software testers complete with a project manager that will coordinate their work. Simply state your requirements, introduce us to your project, and let the experts at TestFort do everything else.

Hire team

Staff Augmentation

Missing that one QA engineer with specific experience in a particular type of testing or technology? Eliminate time spent on scouting and recruitment and hire experts from within the TestFort team to quickly fill the position.

Hire Testers

Project-Based Outsourcing

Hire a dedicated team of testers to work on a single, specific software solution, application, or website. Choose between fixed cost, time & material, or custom pricing method and begin the testing process on your project immediately.

Outsource Testing

Clients Reviews

"TestFort has been a great asset in helping us securing the quality of our Toolbars. When we needed quick help they were there for us and gave us access to a full team of testers within a matter of a few days. Over the course of our two years of partnership I have come to rely on TestFort for providing quality resources both in testing and development at a reasonable rate..."

Peter Kalmstrom, Product Manager, Skype

"TestFort QA Lab's work was productive and highly critical for the client's success. The team communicated regularly with the client, allowing them to provide their feedback about the progress. They've met the company's expectations and they were always willing to help the client."

Eric Bade, CTO, Ricma

"TestFort QA Lab’s work has helped reduce app bugs. Thanks to them, the quality of the client’s software releases has significantly improved. The remote team excels at communication, as they’re able to overcome geographical and cultural barriers. They’ll continue to be a trusted partner".

Brad Marks, VP of Product, Freckle IoT

"TestFort has consistently delivered quality product for us and have been very accommodating when we were on tight schedules to complete our projects on time. We look forward to our continued development efforts with their team..."

Nick Brachet, CTO, Skyhook

"After working with numerous companies around the world and resulting in differing experiences for our holding, we came across TestFort and started to work with them on a single project and limited resources. Thanks to very professional technical strategy, well-managed approach and methods in implementation and taking our solution to market and the team’s exceptional dedication, since that time our cooperation significantly evolved, we extended our team with more professional resources..."

Jon Sugihara, President & Co-Founder, Perx

"Our development experience with TestFort Software has been fantastic. They have adapted to each of our projects. When we decide to take a project in a different direction they efficiently change direction with us and provide guidance and new milestones. We have been working with TestFort Software for almost three years and our relationship with them has been great. We would highly recommend TestFort Software for every type of project - simple or complex!.."

Simple Devices, Universal Electronics, Inc.

"Our cooperation with TestFort team (QA division of QArea) has a long history, multiple projects, dating back to early 2005. Compared to other companies, TestFort team provides top notch quality of testing services. They widely and, what is important, correctly applied automated testing throughout our projects. Their non-trivial approach to tasks solving and deep understanding of the subject combined with stable and highly professional team allows them to reach excellent results. When we started our new project, which is under way now, we engaged several outsourcing companies – but after a few months into testing cycle we decided to move all of the QA activities to TestFort, since we weren't getting the same high quality results from another company as we are getting from TestFort..."

Marc Cenedella, Founder & CEO, Knozen, Inc.

"During the past year TestFort has become one of our trusted development partners for Windows Phone 7 and I have no hesitation recommending them as an excellent company and software development provider to do business with."

Max Zilberman, Senior Architect, Microsoft

"During the past 4 years, TestFort has proven to be an excellent company and a great asset by providing exemplary Quality Assurance services for all Dashlane platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web). TestFort is playing a critical role in our quality strategy, thanks to the devotion of their testing teams to the project. I can definitely recommend working with them."

Raphael Rodrigues, Director of Quality Assurance and Localization, Dashlane

"TestFort has played a critical role in the development of They have been able to become a part of the core team very quickly and develop amazing features that perform under the highest performance and demand requirements possible. They possess the highest level of business cooperation, an outstanding sense of responsibility and delivery of quality work..."

Paul Berry, CTO, Huffington Post


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