Internet of Things Testing

Our dedicated team of QA engineers tests and implements custom IoT solutions. We help companies to advance smart products to the next, progressive level and make your application will perform as you expected.

Internet of Things Testing

Our TestFort team helps organizations make a qualitative and confident step towards the adaptation of advanced, practical, and advantageous Internet of Things solutions. We test IoT software taking into account their complex architecture, variety of data, and particularities of IoT ecosystems. We adopt and implement IoT test cases in such areas as the development of smart physical devices, IoT robots, hardware automation, smart home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics and sensors. We help your business scale and correctly implement the IoT testing process in the areas of energy management, smart enterprises administration, business management, data analytic, and many more.

We are focused on our clients' needs, and organize IoT testing processes in order to ensure maximum benefits from IoT technologies implementation. We make sure that all sensors, data collectors, and connections are installed and processed accurately. We understand that IoT technology is an unexplored area for businesses, so we provide our clients with an accurate work plan based on thorough requirements examination. Taking into account the peculiarities of your requests, we select the most suitable management strategy as well. We value clear and transparent interaction between company and clients, assure comprehensive project management, and protect your business from costly risks. We follow all the Service Level Agreements (SLA) items and ensure timely monitoring, maintenance, and supporting of all IoT products we test.

Tests we do

  • Integration IoT Testing

    This testing type guarantees a stable interaction of IoT software with smart devices. Our team conducts in-depth expertise and ensures that each line of code will perfectly run between a system and any type of smart things, including lighting pieces of equipment, management instruments, monitoring tools, sensors, and cameras.

  • IoT Security Testing

    It ensures IoT software collect, analyze, and process data correctly, without leaks through all the smart devices, networks, and systems. This testing type guarantees the safety of IoT products as well as checks hardware, access control, APIs, authentication, updates, etc.

  • Usability Testing

    IoT usability testing helps to listen to your customers carefully, identifying the most vulnerable points of your application's workflow. It makes IoT product more friendly, intuitive, and easy to set up, and as a result, guarantees its growth in popularity, and reinforces competitiveness.

  • IoT Performance testing

    We help to predict problems related to performance possibilities of IoT software. Through load, stress, and internet test scenarios we simulate and test IoT products for speed productivity, load stability, and make the code runs seamlessly within unusual IoT ecosystems.

  • Compatibility IoT Testing

    It is an essential step of IoT testing that performs smooth and bug-free interaction between IoT software and different smart devices, platforms, network layers, and operating systems. It guarantees their scalability and safety within data movement, and ensures communications protocols are compatible.

  • Reliability and Scalability IoT Testing

    These testing types help to build the right IoT environments, which will determine IoT products capabilities for their improvement, optimization, and implementation of new functionality, using virtual sensor simulators and progressive IoT testing tools.

Reasons to test

  • Dynamic QA environment

    Internet of Things testing involves working with large amounts of data and virtual tools that are necessary to cover all the IoT test cases. In this situation, the cloud computing environment provides a large selection of online platforms, which in turn reduce testing costs, provide 24/7 access to the clouds, and reduce the total number of human resources.

  • Business scalability

    Data gathering, their analysis, and further operations with them provide a favorable ground for the company's growth. High-grade IoT products along with the integration testing solutions allow organizations to better understand their business and market needs.

  • Quick Access to Data/Statistics

    Video sensors monitoring and product usage data can be efficiently collated with IoT software, providing an extensive picture for understanding your target audience needs. It also determines weaknesses points of IoT products and serves for their improvement and optimization.

  • User Experience Increased Value

    Focusing your efforts towards your customers needs, you will make sure that most of the IoT technologies can qualitatively cover their expectations and preferences. Convenient usability, useful functionality, and seamless work of IoT software, this is an important reason to test your applications.

  • Progressive technology capacities:

    IoT’ software is developing rapidly. It helps handle enterprises internal processes effectively and intelligently. Along with the growth of smart devices, the opportunities of companies develop proportionally. Firsts who will adopt IoT's potential will gain a major business privilege among competitors.

Testing Results

  • Desirable IoT user experience

    People love to use something special and extraordinary; smart homes, useful wearables, energy engagement, and many more IoT products offer unusual and fascinating experience, which attracts and makes your business in demand.

  • Impact on the industry

    Building a cutting-edge IoT product you can not only expand capabilities of your business but also can make a huge contribution to the development of your industry. It will help to enhance your market position as well as will make the life easier and more comfortable for your users.

  • Competitive business privileges

    Enhanced by the IoT testing opportunities your business can be empowered by the first-classes IoT solutions which will bring analytical, data operations, and user experience advantages in the competitive environments.

  • High-quality decision analytics

    Results of the correct, intelligent work of IoT products can reward you with qualitative data, feedback from customers, and real-time analytics. It helps companies to better know user expectations and identify risks before they become a problem.


Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing

We guarantee the excellent performance and scalability of every web application we test. Our team will complete testing within your time, budget, and business objective specifications.

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop Application Testing

TestFort will empower your desktop application with impeccable quality. We provide full-cycle testing service to make your software secure, fast, appealing, and bug-free.

Website Testing

Website Testing

We make sure your website is tested to the point of perfection. TestFort delivers high-grade QA services for impeccable performance, usability, and security of your web-platform.

Mobile application testing

Mobile application testing

The number of apps increases every day - make sure yours is among the best. Guarantee the quality of your application with comprehensive QA services.

Internet of Things Testing

Internet of Things Testing

Our dedicated team of QA engineers tests and implements custom IoT solutions. We help companies to advance smart products to the next, progressive level and make your application will perform as you expected.

Cloud Solutions Testing

Cloud Solutions Testing

Through the efficient and reliable cloud testing strategies, proven tools, and virtual test environments, we deliver QA solutions that help companies reduce costs, meet deadlines, and deliver highly polished solutions.

Software Testing Documentation

Software Testing Documentation

Comprehensive and well-organized QA testing documentation helps to keep track of every step of testing processes, including test planning, case execution, and result evaluation. It’s all under your control, in time, and within the budget.

Games Testing

Games Testing

Through the full cycle of web application testing, we guarantee the excellent performance, availability, and scalability of every application we test, doing our work fast, with full respect to your time, budget, and objectives.

Blockchain Testing

Blockchain Testing

Through the full cycle of web application testing, we guarantee the excellent performance, availability, and scalability of every application we test, doing our work fast, with full respect to your time, budget, and objectives.

Clients Reviews

"During the past year TestFort has become one of our trusted development partners for Windows Phone 7 and I have no hesitation recommending them as an excellent company and software development provider to do business with."

Max Zilberman, Senior Architect, Microsoft

"TestFort has been a great asset in helping us securing the quality of our Toolbars. When we needed quick help they were there for us and gave us access to a full team of testers within a matter of a few days. Over the course of our two years of partnership I have come to rely on TestFort for providing quality resources both in testing and development at a reasonable rate..."

Peter Kalmstrom, Product Manager, Skype

"During the past 4 years, TestFort has proven to be an excellent company and a great asset by providing exemplary Quality Assurance services for all Dashlane platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web). TestFort is playing a critical role in our quality strategy, thanks to the devotion of their testing teams to the project. I can definitely recommend working with them."

Eric Gaze, Director of Quality Assurance and Localization, Dashlane

"TestFort has played a critical role in the development of They have been able to become a part of the core team very quickly and develop amazing features that perform under the highest performance and demand requirements possible. They possess the highest level of business cooperation, an outstanding sense of responsibility and delivery of quality work..."

Paul Berry, CTO, Huffington Post

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