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18 years of absolute excellence in software testing and quality assurance. We're here to make sure your solution is tested thoroughly, on time, and within budget.


The European Software Testing

TestFort QA Lab has been shortlisted for the European Software Testing Awards 2016 for its commitment to high quality, value for money, customer satisfaction, and many other criteria which judges took into account.

Top software testing

TestFort is among top 20 testing providers according to Clutch. Clutch is an independent B2B research company which distinguishes best IT outsourcing vendors who provide only top notch quality solutions to their customers. Innovative search procedure of B2B research helps to deliver most suitable results to businesses who are looking for outsourcing services.

Aqua Quality

TestFort becomes a finalist of the Best Contribution to Quality Award 2016. The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) sees its mission as enhancing mobile app quality worldwide. The Best Contribution to Quality Award is aimed at recognizing vendors that show outstanding commitment to app quality. The results are based on evidence of meeting the top quality demands and critical contribution to app quality in the mobile sphere.

Testing providers

TesFort has been chosen as one of top 20 Leading Testing Providers by UK Testing Magazine for exceptional dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The Testing Magazine provides an annual update on the top software testing providers for businesses to choose the best-fitting solutions. The 2016 20 Leading Testing Providers’ guide has highlighted TestFort among top software testing and quality assurance products and service providers of 2016. TestFort is highly committed to unrivaled levels of quality that can satisfy any types of customer.

Our story

We Make Quality a Guarantee

About the Company

TestFort was founded in 2001 as the software testing and quality assurance subdivision of a software development company. It has since grown into its own company with 4 R&D centers in Ukraine.

What started as a humble team of skilled manual testers quickly grew into a team of 100+ highly skilled QA engineers with expertise in manual and automated testing for web, desktop, mobile, cloud, and cross-platform software solutions.

Our team continues to expand, our expertise continues to grow, but our goal of providing clients with the most thorough software testing and QA services remains unchanged.

What we test

TestFort QA and Testing Services

  • Website Testing

    Website Testing

    We make sure your website is tested to the point of perfection. TestFort delivers high-grade QA services for impeccable performance, usability, and ...

  • Web Apps testing

    Web Apps testing

    Through the full cycle of web application testing, we guarantee the excellent performance and scalability of every application we test. Our team will ...

  • Desktop Apps Testing

    Desktop Apps Testing

    TestFort will empower your desktop application with impeccable quality. We provide full-cycle testing service to make your software secure, fast, ...

  • Mobile Apps Testing

    Mobile Apps Testing

    The number of apps increases every day - make sure yours is among the best. Guarantee the quality of your application with comprehensive QA services.

  • IoT (Internet of Things) Testing

    IoT (Internet of Things) Testing

    Our dedicated team of QA engineers tests and implements custom IoT solutions. We help companies to advance smart products to the next, progressive ...

  • Cloud Solutions Testing

    Cloud Solutions Testing

    Through the efficient and reliable cloud testing strategies, proven tools, and virtual test environments, we deliver QA solutions that help companies ...

  • E-commerce & CMS testing

    E-commerce & CMS testing

    Enable maximum pleasure for your gamers. Our QA experts are ready to provide you with high-quality game testing service to guarantee your players a ...

  • Test Documentation

    Test Documentation

    Comprehensive and well-organized QA testing documentation helps to keep track of every step of testing processes, including test planning, case ...

  • Testing Blockchain

    Testing Blockchain

    We make sure blockchain is implemented in your product securely and error-free by building a comprehensive strategy and applying innovative ...

Benefits you have with testfort Testing Services

  • Efficient work

    We've spent 18 years perfecting our testing and QA workflow to make sure the testing process for your project is as efficient as possible.

  • Faster delivery

    Effective and transparent communication between our QA engineers and your developers will ensure timely discovery and elimination of bugs.

  • Reduced risks

    Thorough functionality, UX, security, and performance testing will help you eliminate costly mistakes and reduce business risks.

  • High-quality results

    Your project's success is our #1 goal, and our QA engineers will guide your software in the direction of absolute perfection.

  • Flexible cooperation

    TestFort can provide you with a complete testing squad, extend your in-house QA unit if you need extra hands on deck, or help you find that one highly-specialized QA engineer to build an all-start testing team.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We are customer obsessed. We demonstrate this with our thorough work and can prove it with our rate of returning customers.

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Clients Reviews

"During the past year QArea has become one of our trusted development partners for Windows Phone 7 and I have no hesitation recommending them as an excellent company and software development provider to do business with."

Max Zilberman, Senior Architect, Microsoft

"QArea has been a great asset in helping us securing the quality of our Toolbars. When we needed quick help they were there for us and gave us access to a full team of testers within a matter of a few days. Over the course of our two years of partnership I have come to rely on QArea for providing quality resources both in testing and development at a reasonable rate..."

Peter Kalmstrom, Skype

"During the past 4 years, QArea has proven to be an excellent company and a great asset by providing exemplary Quality Assurance services for all Dashlane platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web). QArea is playing a critical role in our quality strategy, thanks to the devotion of their testing teams to the project. I can definitely recommend working with them."

Eric Gaze, Director of Quality Assurance and Localization, Dashlane

"QArea has played a critical role in the development of They have been able to become a part of the core team very quickly and develop amazing features that perform under the highest performance and demand requirements possible. They possess the highest level of business cooperation, an outstanding sense of responsibility and delivery of quality work..."

Paul Berry, CTO, Huffington Post


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