Performance Testing

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Software performance testing has become more critical than ever due to dynamic growth and development of technologies. The science gives users more abilities. Thus, you need to be sure that your application can deal with any workload conforming well to volume targets.

Why Does Your Application Need Performance Testing?

Performance testing, as a type of non-functional testing, helps to determine the very important aspects of your system like speed of processes performed under particular workload.

TestFort Performance testing skills

Our QA services include comprehensive investigation of client’s software. As the performance is a very important characteristic of any app we make all our best to detect as much bugs as we can. There are some services we conduct in frames of performance testing: 

  • We compare a few systems to detect which one performs better;
  • We detect the part of a system that causes a bad performance of your application;
  • We measure the response time of processes performed and the number of MIPS.

We have experience in measuring performance of Mobile, Web and Desktop applications ensuring the high quality of tests conducted.

Types of Performance testing

Performance testing gathers other testing types. Each of them is responsible for particular characteristic of the system:

  • Load testing – helps to detect the behavior of the system under specific load;
  • Stress testing – helps to understand the upper limits of capacity within the system;
  • Endurance testing – this types shows the behavior of the system under sustained use;
  • Spike testing – this type is conducted in order to check whether the system will fail under dramatic changes in load or it is ready to handle it;
  • Configuration testing - this type helps to understand the system behavior when configuration changes like applying different load-balancing;
  • Isolation testing – helps to measure the performance of a system by reaping execution of the same tests.

TestFort carries out performance testing since 2001! That makes our team one of the best in software testing. No matter what kind of application you want us to investigate. Our goal is to detect as more bugs as we can and persuade you to fix the most important of them. So do not hesitate to contact us!