Usability Testing

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What is usability testing in software testing?

Usability testing technique is designed to evaluate the application by testing it preferably on potential users that are not familiar with the product and have never seen or used it in the past. This testing method is targeted on observing people using application in order to discover flaws and establish areas that need to be improved.

While being observed by usability professionals, real representative users use the system and perform set of specific tasks, scenarios, and realistic situations. In such indispensable usability practice observers remain neutral excluding any commentaries. Also, in contrast to that, professional testers utilize different usability testing methods without involving real users to evaluate the application. Let’s see the role of usability testing during the different stages of product life-cycle:

  • During analysis stage usability testing performed in order to understand requirements, to set specific goals, and determine user needs before launching designing process.
  • Usability testing during design stage involves computer software page layout creation along with content listings.
  • Usability testing done at development stage embraces software quality assurance, functionality, and inclusion of usability features. Also usability testing is very useful for software performance testing enhancement.

Usability testing should be implemented early in development cycle and implemented quite often in order to identify design problems before they are going to be coded. When problems are addressed early, found and repaired, it is cheaper to fix them. By cleaning up relevant issues you will relieve customers from poor experience when using your product, accordingly increase chances of their return to your software or a website. Usability testing helps to determine opportunities for improvement for all of the aspects shown above, enriching user’s experience with a given software or website. Enjoyable and easy to understand application will acquire customers and bring high return on the product investment.

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