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Automated testing with the help of Behavior driven testing (BDT)

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 09/12/2013

Automated testing with the help of Behavior driven testing (BDT)


Behavior-driven development (BDD) is a popular and acknowledged software testing methodology.  Behavior driven testing (BDT) is not that popular, but is a companion of BDD. BDT can be used without BDD.

BDD is a process of development based on test-driven development (TDD) (take a look at the picture below). BDD blends main standards of test-driven development and ideas from Domain-driven design and object-oriented analysis to provide software developers and business analysts with shared tools and a shared process to collaborate on software development.

In the center of BDD is reevaluation of the approach to unit testing.

The advantages of BDD and BDT

It engages shareholders and delivery team with different views onto the same page and making sure that all have the same expectations.

BDD begins with the business goal. The goal of BDT is a business readable and domain specific language that allows you to describe a behavior  of a system without putting details on how that behavior is developed.

In BDT, Tests in the form of simple text features descriptions with scenarios are typically written before anything else and checked by the non-technical shareholders.

Cucumber is optimized for BDD, can execute simple-text functional specifications as automated tests. Cucumber supports writing specifications in around 30 spoken languages. Cucumber works with Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex or web applications written in any language. It is both BDD and TDD. Cucumber establishes specifications in different ways like lists, prose and data in tables.

Behavior Driven Script Development

– Looks at the system from the outside and outline the behavior .

– Cooperate and come up with a good and clear set of Acceptance Criteria.

Behavior Driven Testing can be maintained for Mobile Test Automation

Most of the Business clients are going after scrum product development. Originally test automation has not matched with the level of success in the developmental phases.

Most often this is the result of inappropriate perceptions of the effort and resources necessary to implement a successful, long-lasting automation framework development. Using the BDT framework, we should focus our automation framework to deal with the common components that make up our original automation framework that can be useful in easy development of test cases as such as Manual tester can do with Library keywords.

Calabash + Cucumber

Nowadays, Calabash Open Source mobile automation testing tool is getting more popular and drawing wide attention in market due to their automation capabilities for native & hybrid Android & iOS apps. User can write tests or features on top of BDT framework with the help of Cucumber.

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