Automated Testing

Learn how to empower your business with automated testing by making complex processes easier, quicker, and more efficient.

What’s inside

Any business owner wants to have a high-quality product that is working great and constantly improving. This eBook will help you fully understand what is automated testing and how this process is usually established. Since we have extensive experience in all possible types of testing, we wanted to showcase how automated testing changes businesses for the better.

Learn how to choose the right team for automation services and develop a working strategy. See the examples of successful and unsuccessful implementation of automated testing and take our professional advice on leveraging common risks.

What you will learn after reading this eBook:
  1. The key advantages and trends in automated testing
  2. All the pitfalls of choosing a right team for your project
  3. How to set realistic objectives and develop effective strategy
  4. The importance of choosing the right tools for automation
  5. Examples of successful and unsuccessful automated testing
  6. Full testing process lifecycle

E-book preview

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