Load Testing

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Load Testing is the computer software testing procedure used to investigate the behavior of a system and measure its response when subject to normal and extreme load conditions. Load Testing is the simulation process of usage traffic, which tests application performance, scalability and reliability, helping to establish the highest amount of load that can be withstand.

When changing load conditions for a component or a system as a whole, sometimes loading it beyond standard limits, behavior of the tested item at peak load is determined. Load Testing generally executed in highly controlled environment, it is designed to put under the test non-functional software application requirements.

The term load testing is used in various ways, many times being referred to as endurance and longevity testing. Such testing is most pertinent for multi-user systems, system that could be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. Load testing mainly used interchangeably with other types of testing, sometimes it considered as a form of performance testing.

When using various conditions and strategies with load testing it helps to find design flaws like memory build-up, incorrect concurrency, poor optimization etc. Load testing helps to detect server configuration problems and to indicate if the current infrastructure adequate to meet user demand.

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