Client Success Stories

Over the past 18 years TestFort has managed to satisfy strict demands of such companies as The Huffington Post, Dashlane, AOL, Skype and Microsoft, proving the thoroughness of our QA engineers and the sophistication of our testing methods. We are always ready to provide your business with the same quality, thoughtfulness, and services.


We needed to test the functionality of the service along with its interface. TestFort team had to make sure the counter performs fast...

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The main objective of the project was verifying that the app would ensure the topnotch quality of the features with the release of...

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TestFort team had to make sure Michelin Tire Rotation Reminder feature works perfectly to let users know when they need to change their...

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As the application possess the multi-level architecture and logic, various testing types needed to be completed. We had to make big attention to personal data protection...

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Skype Click to Call

We had to test the plugin for its perfect compatibility with browsers, ensuring its seamless and continuous operation. We needed to take into account all browsers...

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