Testing & QA for a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

An app that allows users to analyze various cryptocurrency market data, compare and follow prices, fluctuations and global market cap, as well as create and manage their own portfolio to monitor personal assets and transactions.


The client, a crypto portfolio tracker that helps users follow the cryptocurrency market and manage their own portfolios, approached TestFort with a request to conduct testing and refactoring of the upcoming new version of their recently-developed mobile application.

Our objective was to perform thorough functional and regression testing, UX testing of the new UI and quality assurance of the app in the development environment to provide a full comparison to the live version of the app on multiple platforms. The main task was to refactor the application, making sure that the system meets its functional requirements and use-case scenarios in full to maintain high quality of the product.


We identified and communicated all the issues and associated risks to the project team through functional, regression, UI and UX testing in the development environment, for which we used Pivotal. After a series of discussions, we got positive feedback with a green light to refactor the application. Our team optimized the UX/UI for graphs that show cryptocurrency rates, we refined transactions history, cryptocurrency profit calculation and personal notes on transactions, as well as improved the way cryptocurrency market news are displayed.


Types of testing performed:

– Functional testing
– UI testing
– UX testing
– Regression testing


Through rigorous testing, QA and efficient communication with the client, our team managed to finish the project in 229 hours (over the course of 3 months). We succeeded in refactoring the application and fully optimizing its UX/UI to meet the functional requirements and use-case scenarios, making it easier and much more enjoyable for users to follow the cryptocurrency market and manage their own portfolios with the convenience of a great mobile app.


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