Skype Click to Call

Skype Click to Call is Chrome, Mozilla, and Internet Explorer plugin which allows users to make calls through their browsers without additional efforts. The plugin can be integrated directly into the browser and lets users call any phone number just in one click. It helps to save time and improves communication opportunities as well.


We had to test the plugin for its perfect compatibility with browsers, ensuring its seamless and continuous operation. We needed to take into account all browsers specifications, making sure that plugin will work correctly within all operating systems and devices. Also, our main goal was to determine whether all the UI/UX elements are displayed correctly, and how the plugin responds to unforeseen situations related to particularities of each browser.


To ensure the comprehensive testing of the plugin, we applied the manual testing strategy. It helped us to identify all bugs and errors related to all the plugin parts, including its internal processes, interface’s particularities, and user experience opportunities. We used black-box, regression, and localization testing types and also worked in collaboration with our software engineers, that allowed us to test the plugin effectively and more thoroughly. This approach permitted us to cover two critical points at once: identified all possible vulnerabilities and provided the clients with all the necessary data ( bug reports and recommendations on how to fix detected errors efficiently).


Types of testing performed:

– Black-box testing

Manual testing

Regression testing

Documentation creating

– Localization testing


Consequently, Skype Click to Call plugin is intuitive, fast, and easy-to-use. It has perfect compatibility with all required browsers and allows users to make calls directly from their desktop or portable devices. Also, we provided the client with all needed data for the further plugin optimization and improvement.


    Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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