Quality Assurance Services for an Antivirus Startup


A London-based cybersecurity startup approached TestFort with a request to help them optimize the antivirus solution they were building. Since the antivirus software was built using innovative encryption-based security technology, the company wanted us to make sure everything functioned as intended and the solution was free from any usability flaws or UI inconsistencies.


The first thing we did was analyze the documentation, requirements, and features of the antivirus solution in development. After we acquired and analyzed all the necessary information, we started working out a test strategy for the project. Since the client’s antivirus solution wasn’t a finished product yet, we made most of the test cases reusable for future regression testing. Through rigorous manual testing, we helped the client detect key functional issues, find development bottlenecks, and identify usability flaws to fix. We provided the client with comprehensive reports throughout the entire development process on the project.


Types of testing performed:

  • Functional testing
  • UX/UI testing
  • Regression testing


From iteration to iteration, TestFort keeps supporting the antivirus project with continuous regression testing. Our QA team identifies and documents any bugs they encounter to ensure that no functional error or usability flaw makes it to the release version of the client’s innovative cybersecurity solution. 


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