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Pre-hiring Talent Assessment Platform

The Talent Assessment platform provides companies with reliable candidates for hire. The platform assesses each candidate by thorough multi-level testing. This includes personality tests, aptitude tests, and job simulators. After successful test completion, the candidate is considered eligible for hire.


TestFort had to provide the client with Quality Assurance and Development Operations services. Since the web application is based on certain assessment algorithms, we had to make sure each candidate’s knowledge is verified 100% accurately. We also had to establish a well-tuned development process in order to help the company’s in-house team to implement new functionality. Each update had to be thoroughly tested before the release. We had to make sure the end solution operates perfectly since it would make a big decision of whether candidates are applicable for their work positions or not.


To successfully achieve our DevOps goals, we established regular communication with the client’s in-house development team through Slack and helped them quickly set up the iteration process. This way we could implement new functionality into the web application faster.

To successfully achieve our Quality Assurance goals, we decided to establish both manual and automated testing processes. We used Selenium tool as the main solution for Quality Assurance. Jenkins CI was used for code performance monitoring. TestRail helped us to better manage, track, and organize the testing process, thus increasing our working efficiency.

Through compatibility testing, our QA team made sure the web application works great on all desktop and mobile platforms. We created multiple autotests to cover smoke and load testing, while regression testing was done manually to check the good performance of newly implemented functions.

The DevOps and testing processes were well-documented to establish a better organization and quicker delivery and generally provide our client with a better cooperation experience.



  • Selenium,
  • Jenkins CI
  • TestRail



The Pre-hiring Talent Assessment Platform is fully operational and works as intended, providing both employers and employees a seamless hiring experience. The platform helps companies and HR agencies to find matching job applicants very quickly. From the candidate side — potential employees are able to pass different tests and get accurate results upon their eligibility for the desired work position. This way, employee satisfaction and retention rates are increased, while hiring and training costs are decreased.


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