Message reader for drivers

Our client’s product is a hands-free and eyes-free application that reads your text messages when you are driving, thus enabling you to keep your attention on the road. The app is aimed to help drivers not to miss important information as well as to make highways a safer place.


The main objective of the project was to test the application on a late-model OnePlus device. We needed to perform the exploratory testing on Samsung S9+ to be followed by tests across a series of devices in the future. According to our client’s requirements, the test had to be done in a bluetooth enabled vehicle and not simulated with a Bluetooth headset. The app needed to be tested in both English and Russian languages. One of the biggest challenges of the project was the necessity to create test documentation and to perform tests during one week.


TestFort team performed Exploratory testing to ensure that app functionality works as expected. It took us one week to implement the project.


Types of testing performed:

– Exploratory testing


Our team has successfully tested the required functionalities of the app on Samsung S9+. We have evaluated the application from users’ point of view and provided useful insights that can help our client improve the app to a whole new level.


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