Global Print on Demand Service

US-based company that provides global print on demand services to help large companies and individual users create memorable keepsakes quickly and conveniently.


The client approached TestFort looking for a dedicated testing and QA team for their print on demand mobile application. The company was gearing up for rapid growth and a significant expansion of their product line, and it was important that the same, high level of product quality was maintained even during the faster release cycle.

The service is constantly rolling out new items to its print shop, allowing users to print on well over 1k different physical products with over 1m different design and layout options.

Moreover, since the client’s service was available as a web, iOS, and Android application, the team had to conduct testing across multiple platforms.


TestFort provided the client with a dedicated manual and automated testing team, complete with a Project Manager. The team integrated seamlessly with the client’s in-house and remote developers. The team and PM participated in daily stands, weekly Scrum meetings, and completed their testing and QA tasks in tandem with the client’s 2-week sprint schedule.

Over the course of the project, the team completed functionality, smoke, stress, regression, and cross-platform testing.

For cross-platform testing our team used physical phones, tablets, and desktop computers of various makes and models. Over 30 iOS and Android devices were used for testing to ensure the application’s flawless performance on both flagship and older devices.


Types of testing performed:

 – Automated testing


Our work with the client continues and has been ongoing for several years. The client’s dedicated team consists of 10 people and is led by a dedicated project manager. Automated testing with the client began 1.5 years ago, and the extent of testing automation for the project is set to expand over the next 6 months.


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