Distractify is a leading cross-platform application in the entertainment area which allows users to have fun while traveling or waiting in line. This platform collects up-to-date insights and inspirational news from all over the world. It includes the eye-catching posts, trending videos, and shearable pictures.


TestFort’s team was involved in every stage of the development process. We had to check all parts of the platform, including its internal processes, compatibility with different operating systems, and user-experience capabilities. As the platform has a heavy-load traffic, we needed to test its speed and performance under the workload pressure and through different devices. Also, since the application has several options for its usage, we had to check it within the different roles and user access, ensuring high data protection and security.


Since Distractify was developed as the cross-platform application, several team members were involved in the testing process (The team included one QA lead and three QC). To detect all the platform bugs and crashes we used both manual and automated testing approaches.

For the comprehensive and optimal testing processes, we used Agile flexibility along with Trello and Redmine management tools, ensuring quick response to changes in the project requirements. We ensured transparent and efficient bug reporting and delivered clients with all accurate data, detected errors, and crashes, as well as recommendations on how to fix them properly.


Types of testing performed:

Functional testing

Compatibility testing

Regression testing

UI / UX testing

– Validation testing

– Smoke testing

Documentation creating


Our fruitful collaboration with Distractify allowed us to guarantee the high-load performance of the application, ensuring its intuitiveness, and great user experience. At the moment, the platform is showing promising interim results. More than 30 million users have visited the application since its launch, and their number continues to grow.


    Realizing the importance of providing service on agreed terms, we consider all possible risks and provide efficient solutions for all possible risks and provide efficient solutions.


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