Commercial Website for a Software Provider


A company that provides off-the-shelf business management software reached out to us in order to get their website tested. Since they were looking for a fast-functioning site that introduces potential leads to their product and intuitively guides visitors to request a demo, we had to test everything from the way the website looks to how it responds to unusual user behavior. Other than that, we were required to automate certain processes for future QA checks.

The key challenge we faced here was the inability to implement a code freeze strategy in the project course. We were forced to test the product during an ongoing development process, which means we had to be beyond attentive and careful with quality assurance. The development team working on the client side was adding new functions to the parts we already tested making us test it all over again. This made the testing process a bit more complicated than usual, but our team did not let it affect the end result anyway.


To cover the technical requirements of this project, we gathered a team of three Quality Assurance engineers who planned and executed mobile and web testing, UI/UX design check, as well as implemented automated testing in the project.

We tested the mobile version of the site on iOS and Android, while the web version was checked on the most used browsers on Mac and Windows, from default Safari and Chrome to Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Edge. 

All this was done in close collaboration with the client’s development team and followed by bug reporting and our fix suggestions. To avoid any disruptions in the process and the end product as well, we decided to rely even more on communication than we do typically. Ongoing discussions we had with the client’s team allowed us to achieve the best results in terms of product performance and software reliability. 


The particular testing types we practiced here include:

  • Graphical user interface (GUI) testing
  • Functional testing
  • Confirmation testing
  • Cross-platform testing
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Regression testing.


Precise software testing and adherence to the QA industry best practices allowed us to assure the most smooth and reliable functioning of the client’s website. We finished the project completely sure about how it works and looks in the eyes of end-users. The new functions added by the development team do not interfere with processing speed, while a trendy UI/UX does not confuse website visitors but amuses them. We continue keeping in touch with the website owners and developers to provide best-in-class QA services as soon as needed.


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