TestFort gets among top 20 testing providers, according to Clutch

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Clutch is an independent B2B research company which points out leaders of the IT outsourcing industry who provide only highest quality results to their clients. Their innovative search procedure harvests from finest proven practices of B2B research and delivers best fitting results to businesses who seek outsourcing services.

Clutch uses a special matrix to assess abilities of IT service delivery by evaluating references, quality of delivered services, cost-efficiency, expertise and experience, and market presence, as well as reputation of the service provider. It helps to better understand capacities of various vendors.

What is our advantage?

TestFort has demonstrated a flexible approach to dynamic customers’ demands. The company has solid market presence and a track record of more than 500 accomplished projects and happy clients, such as Skype, Distractify, the Huffington Post, and many more.

About TestFort

TestFort is a company with both solid experience of 15+ years and a fresh look at the challenges and problems in software testing and quality assurance. Its representative offices are located all around the globe to enhance communication and business partnership.

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