INTUITESTBEDS: A Global Test Automation Workshop

TestFort News Editor by TestFort News Editor on 10/1/2020

INTUITESTBEDS: A Global Test Automation Workshop

Join the leading software testing professionals, tool developers, and researchers to review the latest breakthroughs in the world of user interface and event-based test automation, exchange industry insights, and discover the latest tools for making testing processes more efficient.


INTUITESTBEDS is a product of collaboration between two workshops, INTUITEST, the International Workshop on User Interface Test Automation, and TESTBEDS, the International Workshop on TESting Techniques for event BasED Software. Both of these workshops have successfully and repeatedly taken place in the past before deciding to join forces and give the global testing automation experts a platform to share innovation with the world.

INTUITESTBEDS has an ambitious goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for the testing automation engineers of the world to share ideas and enrich each other’s knowledge bases. During the workshop, the participants can learn more about:

The history of INTUITESTBEDS

Both INTUITEST and TESTBEDS used to be annual events before the merge: INTUITEST took place 3 times and the TESTBEDS workshop was held 7 times. Since the merge, INTUITESTBEDS has also become an annual event and has taken place every year starting with 2018.

Who is it for?

INTUITESTBEDS was designed for a wide range of software testing experts: primarily, practicing QA engineers, testing researchers, and testing tool developers. If your job has anything to do with automating user interface, event-based testing, usability testing in particular, or software testing in general, you can become an attendee of INTUITESTBEDS.

INTUITESTBEDS is also a great place to share your testing automation insights with an audience that will appreciate your efforts. INTUITESTBEDS is always looking for innovative ideas and groundbreaking discoveries to highlight during the presentation stage of the workshop. If you have a paper you would like to share with the software testing automation community, you can submit it for review. The several most noteworthy papers on user interface and event-based system testing get to share the spotlight.

Why should you consider joining?

By all accounts, INTUITESTBEDS is a must-visit event for anyone whose professional interests revolve around software testing. If you need more reasons to book your attendance for the next INTUITESTBEDS, here are the three biggest personal and business benefits you get from it:

What’s next for INTUITESTBEDS?

Despite everything going on in the world at the moment, the need for improving the quality of user interface and event-based testing automation and the search for new solutions isn’t going anywhere. This is why INTUITESTBEDS did not give up on its plans to hold the 2020 workshop — it’s just the format of the workshop that has changed.

For obvious reasons, the 2020 workshop is going to be held in a virtual environment. As always, it’s going to be a day when we recognize the technologies, tools, and discoveries that are helping advance the testing automation industry. And there are already plans for the 2021 workshop, so make sure to stay tuned for updates!

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