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Alpha and Beta Phases of Software Testing

TestFortExpert by TestFortExpert on 07/11/2012

Alpha and Beta Phases of Software Testing

When launching new software, different types of testing are carried out. Software testing is an integral part of the software development process and is provided in order to make sure that there are no bugs and the software works properly.

User acceptance testing is an important type of software testing and consists of two parts: alpha testing and beta testing. Alpha testing in its turn includes pre-alpha phase as well.

When pre-alpha phase of testing is carried out, analysis of requirements and development of the software is provided. All this activities take place before the beginning of actual testing process.

As soon as development is effected, alpha testing begins. After alpha testing, beta testing is carried out. Beta testing means that the software is finally assessed by end user.

The first thing you should know about alpha and beta testing is that none of them needs the source code testing. They are both focused on user requirements and are carried out to check if the software meets all of them.

Alpha Testing

Alpha testing usually comes after system testing and involves both white and black box testing techniques. The company employees test the software for functionality and give the feedback. After this testing phase any functions and features may be added to the software.

The main features of Alpha testing are:

Beta Testing

Beta testing is considered to be the last step in software testing and QA process. The software is delivered to end users and they check the functionality of the software.

The main features of Beta testing are:

Both alpha and beta testings are very important while checking the software functionality and are necessary to make sure that all users’ requirements are met in the most efficient way.

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