Media Streaming Testing

OTT and streaming are a rapidly growing industry, and users have come to expect an outstanding quality of a media software product. Media streaming testing is the only way to ensure the decent quality of an OTT application, and here is what to test in the first place.

Why you need it

The amount and quality of the content offered by a streaming service, whether it’s audio or video, are not the only thing influencing the decision of a customer to stick with the service or look for another platform. Customers want an application that is fully functional, delivers steady performance, and offers an engaging user experience.

These are the aspects we took into consideration when designing this testing checklist. Find out what to pay attention to when evaluating the quality of an OTT product and use it in designing your own media testing strategy.

What you’ll find there
  1. What users expect from a good streaming service quality-wise.
  2. Key aspects of the application that need to be tested.
  3. The types of testing most appropriate for streaming products.

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