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Today mobile and web apps are the main source of distribution for companies running in this industry. These apps as well represent brands. But, unfortunately, testing is overlooked and plenty of apps keep disappointing users. TestFort is ready to provide you with quality testing services checking your app for various vulnerabilities related to:

  • Functionality. TestFort experts won’t calm down till they find all functionality weaknesses in your system. Our experts test apps on different browsers, operating systems, languages, locations, devices, etc.

  • Security. People don’t want to think about security issues when using your app. They aim to satisfy their needs. And if your app can’t provide them with safety they’ll choose someone else who can. TestFort is ready to examine your system and determine whether your app is resistant to threats.

  • Load. Applications in this industry must be ready to handle peak traffic. TestFort can test it thoroughly to detect the current status of the app’s load capabilities.

  • Usability. You can never say for sure that all demographics, age and other features of the target audience have been covered in your app without extensive testing. Usability should be the key issue to consider when you develop an entertainment app to ensure users don't stop using it.

  • Regression. Without proper regression testing you can’t be sure that old or new bugs haven’t arisen after improvements. TestFort team is ready to provide you with robust assistance to ensure your app is finally ready to be launched.

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We, at TestFort are keen on providing numerous fitting services to all clients regardless of them being a business or individuals. Software testing, QA, QC and other services can be delivered for your product to achieve maximum quality. Feel free to take a tour through our portfolio.