Dedicated team

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Enables our clients to expand their own resources in the most cost-efficient and smooth way. If you choose this model, you will get a remote team of testers who will work exclusively on your project in compliance with your requirements. You will also get a full control over the testing process and will be able to manage it directly at any time.

You can monitor the team work via instant messengers (AIM, MSN, Skype, etc.), e-mail and telephone, audio/ video conference tools as well as applications for joint work (online project management, time / bug trackers).

DTT can work with you from the planning phase and be a part of the development strategy. Flexible contract terms (which, if necessary, allow TestFort customers to modify the service, e.g., change the team size) make dedicated testing teams ever more profitable.

The main benefits of dedicated team service:

  • Complete alignment with your business objectives;
  • Higher level of project security control, IP rights protection and confidentiality;
  • Lower prices comparatively to other business models;
  • Adjustable engagement contract;
  • Possibility to select team members, manage and motivate them;
  • Direct access to each team member;
  • Transparent workflow;
  • Close integration into your production process.

TestFort follows three stages of testing team establishment to maximize the benefits that dedicated team business model allows:

  • We analyze project requirements and specifications;
  • We prepare an agreement;
  • We set up a team of testers in accordance with client’s requirements.

However, if the dedicated team business model is not suitable for you, TestFort QA Lab also offers fixed cost (FC) and time & material (T&M) business models of software testing service rendering.

But irrespective of the business model we use to provide testing services, our principles of relations with customers remain unchangeable - partnership and cooperation, responsibility and confidentiality, flexible pricing models and close communication.