Dashlane is a leading, user friendly password manager and a secure digital wallet that provides a high level of protection and offers an effective solution to password fatigue. It has over 2 million customers. The app's key feature which makes it different from other password managers is a password changer. It enables users to securely synchronize their data among an unlimited number of devices and platforms. Dashlane also has breach alerts which notify users of any possible security hazards.


The main objective of the project was verifying that the app would ensure the topnotch quality of the features with the release of new mobile devices, updates of OSs, and browsers. Our task was to maintain high security level, test full redesign of the app on all the platforms, test app’s performance after enhancements: new languages have been added to the app (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese), and this led to a wider array for test coverage. TestFort experts also had to implement, test, and stabilize the password changer feature which makes Dashlane different from other password managers.


At the very beginning of the project, we chose Agile as the most suitable methodology for the case. Also, Scrum and Kanban methodologies were involved in the course of the testing process for some specific parts of the project QA. We used Redmine and Jira for the QA management to meet the deadlines, comply with the demands of the client, and achieve comprehensive results.
Zephyr was used to create test suites and test cycles. We used HockeyApp (Android and iOS), SharedBox, TestFlight (iOS) to deploy builds for testing. Our testing engineers also created custom tools to perform particular types of testing on the project and maximize productivity.


– Methodologies: Agile, Kanban, Scrum

– Tools: Redmine, Jira, Zephyr, HockeyApp (Android & iOS), SharedBox, TestFlight

– Team size: 1 QA lead, 10 QC.

Types of testing performed:

Functional testing

Compatibility testing

Regression testing

UI/UX testing

System testing

– Ad-hoc testing


We have performed Functional testing; Compatibility testing; Regression testing; Ad-hoc testing; UI/UX testing; Validation testing; System testing; Cross-platform (iOS, Android, MAC&PC, web application) and cross-browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer) testing. Bug reporting; Bug rechecking for this project.
Dashlane is a flawless, well-functioning machine for your sensitive data. You can encrypt and store your passwords locally on your device. You can save other important info in your digital wallets like credit cards, IDs, addresses, and emails. Dashlane has an autofill function to save your personal time and log in to your accounts automatically. The application is available free on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.


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