Help Ukraine!

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on 03/21/2022

Help Ukraine!

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. Our families, friends, and partners are not safe. They are hiding in bomb shelters and are terrified for their lives.

Many of our past and current clients (and even those who haven’t worked with us yet) have asked us how they can help. We are thrilled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.  This means a lot to us! 💙💛

Here’s how you can help:

Donate directly to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Donate to volunteer funds

This organization has been helping the military and veterans since 2014 and have one of the most developed connections to supply chains and sophisticated logistics network. Donations to this volunteer will have the most immediate impact on the security and wellbeing of our defenders!

Please let us know if you donate! We will announce this to help spread the word about your generosity. And please share these links with others!

Spread Information, Reach out to Politicians, Join Peaceful Protests

Reach out to your local representatives. Calls work better than emails, emails work better than messages on Facebook and Twitter, but even these messages on social media have shown results and swayed opinions of political leaders in the US and UK!  

Attend peaceful protests! Here is the instructions and some posters you could use.Make sure your voice is heard. If there is a peaceful protest in your country or city — join in!

Tremendous support from our friends in Georgia, the Netherlands, the UK, and the rest of the world mean so much for all of us!

Support sanctions and cut ties with Russian clients.

Russia’s leadership, institutions, and economy must feel the pain of being ostracized from economic activities. It’s time to go beyond governmental sanctions!


If you are a business owner or a top-level manager — block access to your services and apps to Russian customers. (Cloudonaut did this. Be like Claudonaut!)

Putin and everyone who is complicit in this war must pay the price.

With love and hope,

Your friends from Ukraine

* * * 

How QArea and TestFort have helped: 

Some of our developers, project managers, copywriters, and HRs have repurposed their unique skills to protect their country and provide humanitarian aid. 

One project manager is now a resource manager — providing local defenses with bulletproof vests and other protective gear. 

One developer has joined the Ukrainian Naval Infantry Corps.

Several staff members have joined local defense groups. 

And our people partners and HR representatives are volunteering and working overtime to help refugees and relocated civilians find a place to stay!

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