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Cross-platform & Cross-browser testing: The right way towards quality software

TestFort News Editor by TestFort News Editor on 06/13/2018

Cross-platform & Cross-browser testing: The right way towards quality software

Software testing services plays a crucial role in the development of any software product. This uninterrupted process should follow your app from the very beginning of its creation until the end (as well as after its final release). The end users will feel it, and as a result, will reward you with their consistent use of your software product or service.

Cross-Platform & Cross-Browser Testing: Why It’s So Important

There are two common ways for users to use the app after it goes live; online through one of many internet browsers, or directly in their device, having the opportunity to use an app in offline mode. However, both of them have one golden rule — they need to have the uncompromising code and performance quality. It should be fast, smooth, and bug-free, offering the best product experience.

To achieve such results, there is a significant stage of development—Cross-platform & Cross-browser testing. To find out why it is so important and how to use this strategy without missing the release deadline or going over budget, keep reading.

What is Cross-platform testing?

Cross-platform testing requires that an application must run equally well (preferably perfectly) on all types of computer and mobile platforms and/or operating systems such as Windows, іOS, Android, Macintosh, Chrome OS, etc. There are many bases to cover if you want to guarantee good performance across all potential platforms your app will be used on.

Cross-platform testing determines all possible caching issues and the behavior of your mobile or web application in different environments and devices. It helps you see your software product more extensively and independently, prevents functional crashes, and even can improve the overall app’s usability.

What is Cross-browser testing?

Cross-browser testing is more narrowly targeted towards the qualitative functioning of web applications/sites to provide an excellent user experience. Most of the work here is related to front-end developers who must deliver a logical and pixel-perfect solution.

Testing of these apps plays a huge role in the further perception of your software product in the market. They should ideally work both on the most progressive browsers, and on more out-of-date systems. Cross-browser testing facilitates in identifying issues that vary with platforms or configurations and ensure your business successful growth and prosperity.

Cross-platform & Cross-browser testing: Don’t miss the main points

Starting the development of software, keep in mind that what are used as working devices in your company (or personally), does not mean that the end user will also use them as well. Someone does not change PC or cell phone by years, while someone follows the latest technology trends. Devices might be different, but the quality of your app must be at the highest level always.

Therefore, we collected the most frequent points you need to remember while testing your app using cross-platform and cross-browser strategy:

Cross-platform & Cross-browser testing: How to deal with these issues

You don’t always need to monitor all those new software products or adjust to all browsers and platforms. There are many, and keeping track of everyone is not always realistic. And this is not necessary. Perhaps your product was initially sent to a particular range of users or devices. Thus, prioritizing development for other platforms can be an unjustified waste of time and effort.

First of all, clarify your business goals, identify the range of your users, take advantage of IT consulting services, listen to experienced professionals, think carefully about each stage of your app development, and after that, you can plan a great job.

Nevertheless, some common points should be noted:

These are only the most important moments that we highlighted in our review of cross-platform and cross-browser testing. Of course, there are many more. Each project is a whole universe with its personal business logic and rules.

Our certified team of QA engineers will deliver you with a deep and detailed expertise to cover exactly your business needs. Contact us, we want to make your software project attractive and business proficiency over all platforms and browsers.

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