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Introducing TestFort Referral Program

Oleg Sivograkov by Oleg Sivograkov on 10/23/2020

Introducing TestFort Referral Program

Starting a software development company, you can’t even imagine a day when you’d like your lead traffic to decrease or at least to plateau. Yet, if a company demonstrates continuous growth, this day will come sooner or later: marketing starts attracting more clients than your company can effectively serve. Saying “no” to potential customers means you deprive yourself of the income you could earn from them. But signing deals that you cannot cover is not an option as well, so what is left here? Our answer is the TestFort referral program for fellow IT vendors!


TestFort Referral Program: How It Works?

As you can see, this post is meant to introduce you to the TestFort referral program ― a practice we decided to implement in our operations to grow our professional network while helping other software development companies profit from redirecting excessive leads. It is as simple as any classic referral system: a software development vendor processes a service request and in case of realizing it can’t be fully satisfied with the company’s current resources, this request gets redirected to another vendor in exchange for a commission. To keep the things as transparent and convenient as possible, we came up with the following four referral models depending on the offer:

White Label

We Are a Part of Your Team

This option allows companies to allocate the needed human resources behind the scenes and run the project keeping all the controls to yourself. TestFort will gather a dedicated team consisting of software developers and other specialists needed to deliver your client’s project:  from software architects to designers, testers, business analysts, etc. 

Over the course of the project, they will become your full-time employees utilizing TestFort’s administrative and hardware assets when working. In addition, we will provide system administration, technical consulting, and HR management when necessary. Hourly rates are discussed separately and vary for each individual depending on the technical specialization, level of expertise, and project complexity.  



You Deliver Projects Made By Our Hands

Subcontracting model of collaboration presupposes that you arrange the project development with your client and then delegate a part of the project to our team. In this case, you remain the leading power behind the project but decide to entrust TestFort some structural elements in the project course. Our services can be extended from quality assurance and testing to IT consulting, maintenance, and beyond depending on the project needs. We offer 10% of the project revenue during the first year of collaboration and 3% profit for each subsequent year with the client’s project.


Have a project that needs to be completed?

Get in touch


Your Leads Covered From Presale to Launch

In case you’ve got a lead with a service request that doesn’t fit in with your company profile, you can easily avoid the awkwardness of saying ‘no’ to somebody who’d like to work with you. How? By redirecting them to TestFort! Instead of taking projects that do not match your specification or simply don’t seem lucrative enough for you to take them, just send them directly to us. All you have to do is to recommend our team to your prospect, the rest is our business. In case of a successful outcome (meaning, a signed deal) you’ll get 5% of our profit with that project during the first 12 months of collaboration. 


Long-term Tech Collaboration for Large Projects

Large-scale projects are the most promising and desired ones for any company, that’s why we treat them in a very special way. In case you bring us a lead that’s coming for a project with $50,000+ estimated budget and 12+ months duration, you’ll get 50% of all our operational profits, overheads included. When the project reaches $1 million in sales, we’ll offer our partner coownership of the company, as well as a place in the board of directors. The top-notch expertise, years of experience, and reliable human resources make TestFort beyond able to cover the needs of such projects and assure 100% client satisfaction. Recommending us to your leads, you can be sure about our team’s public image and solid reputation that we’ve been building for over 19 years.

Let’s Make IT Industry Better for Our Clients Together

TestFort is a globally recognized full-cycle software testing and quality assurance company that’s been in the market for almost two decades. Throughout those years, we examined IT outsourcing to the tiniest detail and realized that a collaborative professional network is a priceless resource that should never be neglected or underestimated. 

Our referral program is a lot more than just a commission-driven initiative; starting with software testing, we expand our offerings to technical consulting and marketing, including presales, marketing materials, and portfolio case management.  Let’s benefit from each other’s performance making the industry thrive! That’s what we call healthy competition ― a thing worth promoting.

Written by
Oleg Sivograkov, Chief Operating Officer

COO at TestFort Company. An expert in project management, business development, and optimizing workflow efficiency.

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