Windows Mobile Application Testing

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The rapid rise of mobile technologies enhances the already existing serious struggle between competitors operating in this industry. In most cases, the success of a mobile application depends on the amount of efforts spent on its testing. That is why one should not forget its importance in the app development process and must carry it out as carefully as possible.

Why do Windows Mobile Apps need testing?

Windows Mobile is one of the oldest platforms and is still present on the market. Among its competitors are the strongest brands for smartphones: Android, Blackberry, and iOS. That’s why Windows mobile apps producers should pay special attention to testing process.

On the 29th of October, 2012 Windows Phone 8 replaced its predecessor, Windows Phone 7. Nevertheless in order to experience the delights of the new mobile operating system, most of the apps should be re-written or modified. While Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has private beta group support added by Microsoft, the 8th version still does not. Thus it requires a lot of testing work which not every developer can perform. Today a lot of app developers resort to outsourcing to achieve higher results that will definitely affect app’s ratings and positions.

How do Our Testers Work?

TestFort team provides Windows mobile application testing services for companies from all over the world ensuring quick, high quality and cost-effective solutions as a result. TestFort QA team offers both manual and automated Windows mobile apps testing services depending on the needs of a customer.