Why Choose TestFort

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TestFort QA Lab is one of the thousands of companies offering testing services in the world. And do you know what makes TestFort so special and why our customers trust exactly our company to deliver testing services? There are quick facts listed below to show you the benefits of outsourcing testing services with TestFort:

  • TestFort was established in 2001 by a team of talented people that now consists of more than 180 professional testers who are ready to dig deeper into the code of your application seeking for the defects;
  • TestFort is located in Kharkiv - 'Silicon Valley' of Ukraine. There are the best dedicated labor resources from all over the country at your disposal. They are ready to deliver bug-free software products in terms of cost and time efficiency;
  • 200 different sized software testing projects delivered to customers from the leading countries, such as the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries. All the clients are satisfied! This proves that our projects have the highest level of implementation in accordance with the latest testing standards and cost efficiency;
  • TestFort provides clients with three business models: Time & Material, Fixed Costs, Dedicated Team to choose one that most suits specific business’s requirements. Our team can be easy modified and resized.
  • Thanks to the location benefits (TestFort is located in the East-Central Europe) we offer the most convenient conditions of collaboration for Europe countries as nearshore software testing company;
  • TestFort also has representative offices that are based in the USA, France, Czech Republic and Malta, and that helps to avoid issues related to culture misunderstandings, different time zones, etc. and reduces communication costs.

As outsourcing software testing services by itself already brings your company monetary benefits, the one question arises: “What kind of company it should be?” And the answer is obvious: an experienced, reliable, offering cost-efficient and quality solutions in accordance with your requirements. With TestFort you’ll feel the robust backing. We will do our best not to disappoint you.