Time & Material Business Model

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Time & Material model (T & M) became one of the most popular models due to its flexibility to manage available resources. This model is primarily applied to the long-term projects when the client can’t be provided with the accurate project estimation due to the large scale of the project or impossibility to define the time-line and the budget.

The Distinct Features of the Time & Material Model

  • Flexible conditions of the project implementation;
  • Client can pay in parts for the project;
  • The duration of the project isn’t defined clearly;
  • The payment is made on the time rate basis;
  • Quick accommodation to any changes in the project;
  • There is no exact plan of project implementation.

Before start working under the specific project TestFort managers closely communicate to client in order to help to define the most suitable business model. In case if client couldn’t provide experts with the accurate requirements and there are any changes possible during the project implementation, our testers suggest to apply the Time & Material model.

Client can easy monitor all the processes related to the project. As the billing is done on hourly basis client doesn’t have to worry about any changes in time-frame and extra spending over the fixed budget.

With TestFort you can be sure that your project will be completed in accordance with the latest testing standards. The thorough documentation regarding project implementation will be provided at your disposal.