Testing Process: Phase 3

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Phase 3: Construction Phase

This is the largest and the most time-consuming stage as the most of software testing work is made during it. The direct testing of "alive" product and the most part of iterations take place here.

As we follow up small iterations, the ideal condition of the testing is the product availability at an early stage with minimum functionality, core systems in fact. It is necessary to conduct integration testing as often as possible combining it with the system testing with the aim to examine the system as a whole.

The most part of the time is spent on simple principle "execute and evaluate". These two operations are the key actions for the whole testing procedure, as they show the result and the real state of the system. In spite of availability of a qualified team of QA - engineers and SW - testers, we would like to emphasize, that your input in this principle would be more efficient with less costs, as it is you the system is made for. Moreover, you will enjoy benefits of a good communication and the warmth of developers and testers team. One of our fundamental rules is to make you (the customer) a member of our team: a bit of time spent with us will come back to you in a quality and valuable product.

Note: We accept the possibility of product development not from the initial stage or without any development plans. Our working process is adopted for such crisis situations. We would like to emphasize that under a crisis situation we understand the necessity of a quality product development within a short period of time without the cover documents which are necessary for the QA Department, so testing is to be conducted within a very short period of time, which has an impact on the product quality first of all. We recommend TestFort QA team involvement in the early stages of development as far as it is possible, as testing and quality control will influence the price of the product exponentially.

Testing Process: