Testing Process: Phase 1

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Phase 1: Inception Phase

The Inception phase mainly consists of:

  • examination of all the available documentation and terms,
  • creation of basic project plans to determine the project feasibility, its cost and volume.

Besides this, it is necessary to take into consideration:

  • the specifics of the software being tested (it can be informational systems for internal needs of the customer's company, software to be developed and sold as a commercial product, built - in software),
  • security and safety requirements, which may have a significant influence on the time required to develop a quality product.

This phase involves maximal cooperation with the customer whom we take as a possible expert-user of the software being developed. Possible risk factors in the current system requirements and possible further system enlargement should be also emphasized: though they may not be evident on this phase, they will have an impact in the process of development or dynamic changes demand.

Testing Process: