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Software testing company TestFort QA Lab provides a healthy, productive and convenient working conditions built in compliance with requirements of corresponding international standards, such as the Conventions of the International Labour Organization.

We are in comfort

The office is very ergonomic and light. There is the newest conditioning system installed. The noise is cut to the minimum level. Kitchen and dining room are separated from the workspace and perfectly equipped.

BH QA Lab Office

We are secured

The office provides necessary technical basis for implementation of the company's informational security policy. The office is guarded 24/7. There is a video surveillance at the entrance and in the rooms, all incomers are being registered (more about TestFort security policy).

We are green

TestFort QA Lab office is situated in the greenest part of Kharkiv, close to the Botanical Garden, the oldest one in Ukraine. The internal space of TestFort office is 'green' too: there are lots of plants and flowers. They help to support positive mood and good emotions among employees. It is especially important for Ukraine where the cold time of year lasts for about six months - during this time there are no leaves on the trees and no green grass outside. We believe that positive emotions and impressions are an integral part of a healthy society.

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