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About test cases in few lines

Test Cases are essential for success of any QA process. TestFort is an experienced provider of a wide variety of test case-related services. This page will generally guide you deeper towards understanding of what test cases are and why they are a necessity.

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All test cases are self-sufficient and do not rely on other cases in any way.

Purely focused in but 1 element of the system. Not more, nor less.

Every test case is executed separately from others to ensure finest results

Test cases are elementary elements tailored to test other elementary elements.

They are rational and logical in form to imitate actual conditions tested software may undergo

All test cases don’t take any longer that 5-7 minutes to be written. Same goes for execution

Primary test case-related misconceptions

An astonishing example of wrong thinking about test cases would be the belief that but one case can cover the whole product. Test cases are tailored to put particular elements of functionality under test and it only goes this way: one case per one future. Sometimes things go wild enough for one feature to require numerous cases. If you wish all your code to be covered your project will require test suites – combinations of test cases that are tailored to achieve supreme quality. However creation of such suits tends to be more expensive and time consuming. Nonetheless, enough test cases might do the trick in several scenarios. Or you might simply need to put exact, known elements of functionality under test. In either case TestFort’s test case services are your #1 rational solution!


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