Software Testing Outsourcing, Washington, US

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We are now entering Washington and its domain of Software Testing Outsourcing. The capital state of the United States is actually quite proud of its advanced economy and is doing lots of security software development with various penetration testing projects, etc. Let’s get closer to Washington as it is.

The Washington State is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It has a swell developing economy with a positive growth dynamic. The state is one of the seven states without any income tax existing. Washington may be truly proud of businesses headquartered there. In IT sphere those are:

  • Microsoft – the company responsible for such essentials as Windows, Skype, etc. A colossal multinational corporation that is dedicated to developing and manufacturing software, consumer electronics, and software licensing amongst its biggest activities.
  • – is a well-known American e-commerce company with international operations.
  • Bungie – an American video games developer company. Halo and Destiny are among their most famous and recent creations.
  • Nintendo of America – the American office of the world’s largest video game company by revenue. Famous for their Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii.
  • AreaNet – another video game developer which has roots in Washington. The Guild Wars are their brainchild.
  • Valve Corporation – an American video games developer and distributor. Dota 2, Counter Strike, Portal 2 and Half Life 2 and more and more are in their impressive portfolio. The company creates gaming legends.

Quality Assurance, Washington State

But what about software testing offshore and outsourcing services provided by Washington? The state has QA testers of their own. And the good ones. Or it simply uses offshoring from Ukraine, China, India or Canada instead. USA businesses are simply not the best providers of offshoring services as their specialists are expensive, thus the entire procedure loses value. But the US is keen on lowering the expenses and is using quite a lot of QA offshoring provided by other countries. This way things work around the White House.