Software Testing Outsourcing, United Kingdom

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The UK in general

The United Kingdom or, in simple words, the UK is a sovereign state that is located near the northwestern shores of Continental Europe. UK’s advanced economy is 6th in the world. That allows various companies to grow and mature in the strong United Kingdom. IT is actually one of extremely rapidly growing fields in the country that has been one of the symbols of the scientific and industrial revolutions since the 17th century and until present days.

Quality Assurance, UK

Recent researches prove that UK is getting more and more into outsourcing and offshoring theirs software testing. Outsourcing will actually be the fastest growing part of UK’s software testing market with the impressive $6+ billion. The total amount of outsourcing deals is constantly growing with an average of approximately 10% annually.

Software testing, quality control and product testing are important to any developing company. Yet many companies in the UK simply do not have any internal dedicated testing teams due to financial or any other issues. Some are using developers as testers, yet it turns out nasty practice since developers are often simply not too keen on pointing out mistakes of their own work. Thus the larger variety of companies are turning to such activities as outsourcing and/or offshoring and that is what powers the mentioned above dynamics. It is the price of a QA tester that matters in the UK. Specialists from over the seas are way less expensive, thus UK companies often turn to Chinese, Indian, Ukrainian, Canadian and other offshore QA testing services suppliers. Although there are more than one company in the UK that provide similar services and even dominate the world's market. Yet those are rather an exception than the rule.

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