Software Testing Outsourcing: New Zealand

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New Zealand is a nice island country located in the South Western part of the Pacific Ocean. The country is well developed and has a modern and stable market economy. Although it mostly provides oil and gas related offshore services there is still a place for various IT companies to grow and evolve. And they are here to provide some splendid software QA outsourcing companies services in many fields. And Software Testing is just one of them.

Software testing outsourcing New Zealand style

  • Planit. This company is fairly proud of its 500+ stuff of quality assurance tester professionals. Offshore outsourcing is something people in Planit are good at. That statement may be proven by the fact that the company among top 5 pure play testing companies worldwide.
  • Qual IT. This is the biggest testing and assurance services provider amongst New Zealand’s Independent outsourcing companies.
  • AssurITy. This is New Zealand’s leading independent testing services consultancy. Whenever you have any questions regarding software testing consulting or simply software application testing you know who to address them to.
  • Equinox IT. The company which also delivers consulting services and is amongst those which top this market in New Zealand.

Thus you may see that besides beautiful nature and landscapes, New Zealand can offer some excellent QA services. Although the country is not very big it is overfilled with talented people that will do their best for your software to be tested in a proper and satisfying way.

QA testing is one of those things that is constantly required. And both off and on-shore outsourcing is becoming more and more world-spread and appreciated. Though New Zealand has lots to offer to offer I wouldn’t make it my final stop in a search for an offshore QA outsourcing partner. Yes, it is full of potential and talented men and you are bond to find exactly what you are looking for here if you look well enough. Still there are countries with entire economy built on such services. So let's continue our exciting trip around the world with the following articles. You will be able to find them all on our website for your comfort to assist you in making your reasonable choice.