Software Testing Outsourcing, London

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London is the capital of Great Britain. London is a fantastic city for tourists and a swell business center. The city generates over 20% of United Kingdom’s GDP (over $446 billion). London is battling with NY over the position of the center of international finances.

The place of our interest is destined to be somewhere around East London Tech City AKA tech City AKA Silicon Roundabout. The cluster is a home city or a headquartering spot for companies like:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • BT
  • Intel
  • Startup Weekend
  • Others

The Quality Assurance London

London and its testing companies prefers to keep all the Software testing outsourcing to the UK. There are multiple IT outsourcing companies located in this magnificent city which provide outsourcing QA services and and just a few go offshore. A few but not a zero. Here are some of them for your general information:

  • Testhouse Ltd – A UK-based consultancy specialized in software testing and risk mitigation. The company provides onsite, offsite and offshore functional testing services, and much more.
  • TestPro. One of the leading international software testing services providing companies in the world. The company has more than 350 engineers as its software tester staff located around the globe.
  • Testing Solutions Group Ltd. This is a company of software testing specialists who do their best to ensure successful business outcomes for IT systems of their clients. A QA tester in this company will be rather busy as the company provides many services and has already successfully tested projects for such businesses as IBM, Fujitsu, HSBC and the Royal Bank of Canada as well as many others all around UK, USA, Hungary, Australia, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Sure, these are not all of the companies London can offer. However, offshoring from the UK is about 10-30% more expensive than the services countries like India, China, Philippines and Ukraine can provide. Thus companies of London do prefer to use some offshoring of their own.