Things You Wanted To Know About New York Testing Practices

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The Big Apple never sleeps. And it is, by the way, the center of the world's finances, with its Wall Street, the symbol of commercial success. NY is not bad on its own. If the state was a separate country, it would have the world's 16th best economy, right after Turkey. Yet, money is not all NY possesses. We have our own Silicon Alley here.

The Silicon Alley has evolved into something great over the years and has now brought over $1.8 billion from the first half of 2014 only. The Alley is constantly growing with new talents and ideas in various fields of IT. And, nevertheless, most of NY as well as all American companies refer to countries like India, Ukraine, China and Canada for outsourcing QA and testing services.

NY is a home city or the location place for multiple companies. IT is not an exception. So here are the following companies which are based in the Big Apple:

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Veramark Technologies
  • AppSense
  • DataArt
  • Base One International
  • CA Technologies
  • E cont.
  • Knoa Software
  • SocialFlow
  • Spiral Universe
  • Teliris
  • Tweakbench
  • Venda Inc
  • Veramark Technologies
  • Verint Systems
  • Viva Media

And there are much, much more of them. Yet still New York product testing is not something you get to see often. Developing? Sure! Bursting out new ideas that will bring millions? No problem! Proper software testing? Isn’t there anybody else who will do that? In New York, software testing is either home based which is rarer (about 12%) or outsourced and offshored (the remaining 88%). This approach goes splendid across entire USA and as an addition grants extra possibilities for markets from Peru, Ukraine, Russia, China, India to evolve in IT testing outsourcing even more. Thus everybody’s happy. Software testing is done cheaper in less time and the ideas remain in the caring hands from the NY Silicon Alley.