Technical Side Of The Country: The Software Testing Outsourcing China

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We are continuing our journey that is aimed at finding the perfect country for QA offshore outsourcing. This time our ships and planes or rather internet and communication skills have led us to China. A proud country with a colorful history that is, by the way, one of top choices for offshore outsourcing. China is getting closer and closer to India in this field. And it has the potential of surpassing the giant, by the way.

Quality Assurance Company, China: there’s more than one, way more!

China’s market of companies as well as experts is constantly growing and evolving. You may be impressed with the fact more than 350.000 of new engineers appear in the market each year. And all those people are ready to satisfy your needs in high quality software.

The cost of such services is also quite pleasant due to various tax breaks given to companies by local governments due the fact that offshoring is of high scale of profit to China itself. The government even financially supports offshore outsourcing providers with finances and subsidies.

20% of the global outsourcing market goes to China and this number is dynamically growing. We may look at history as an example. It was just 9 % in 2007 and 15% in 2010. You are now getting the dynamics and trends, right?

All of these factors combined have resulted in a developed industry with multiple companies providing swell services. Thus the Software Testing Outsourcing China nowadays possesses the potential of competing with the world’s leaders on the same level as they are. China outsourcing companies are topping some charts nowadays and are trending to skyrocket even further in the future.

What is China strongest at?

China is splendid at providing offshoring services. Quality assurance, China is more than just a set of words now. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. have long-term contracts and ‘qa China’ as their weapon of choice. Why’s that happening?

  • Government support of the entire IT offshoring & outsourcing industry.
  • Competitive wages (it won’t be as pricy, nor will it be too cheap to be false).
  • Advanced tech skills of professionals and their growing amount (there will be pros for quality control China to meet your requirements).

Yet, there is a drawback as well. It's not huge, but quite unpleasant one. China is still not too experienced in working with other countries in a proper way thus communication may be difficult sometimes. Choose to stay here or follow the rest of us to the next country on our offshoring tour, your choice!