Software Testing Outsourcing, California, USA

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Economically, California has the potential to compete with entire large countries. In 2013 California's gross state product was about 2.203 trillion dollars. This makes California number 1 state in this field for the entire USA.

Plus we have the Silicon Valley here, the home for:

  • Adobe
  • AMD
  • Apple
  • eBay
  • Electronic Arts
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • NVidia
  • Xerox
  • Yahoo!
  • Much more truly amazing and enormous companies and startups.

This is due the amount of resources, universities and the climate that California provides. The valley is the leading center of IT development and it gains the third part of the total US venture investments.

Quality Assurance in California

Software Testing Outsourcing is a fairly important field with all this IT fuss going around. The Software Testing California may be proudly presented by the Qualitest Company. It is the world’s second largest Independent Testing company with a wide range of services such as mobile, website, performance and security testing, test automation, hardware IV&V and QA consulting. Still the company has QA testers situated all over the world so technically offshoring still comes from multiple locations around Europe, India, USA, Middle East and Australia.

The rest offshoring-related matters are similar to the standard USA approach where they are rather purchasing than providing outsourced QA services. Yet California is a nice spot to just stay and look around. Firstly it’s full of brilliant creators. Secondly the beaches, the celebrities and the parties are definitely worth the spent time. Everybody needs to relax sometimes.