Software Testing Companies, India

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The journey continues and we are by the mysterious shores of India that are filled with danger and adventure, contrasts and paradoxes, elephants, snakes, dancing with tigers and, of course, offshore software testing. Needless to say, India is leading and dominating the market with solutions cheap and expensive ones.

Why are people looking for quality assurance India-style services?

Why’s India so popular amongst those who are looking for offshore outsourcing? Because almost every software testing company in India has years of experience as well as skilled testers. And all that comes in one package with an optimal price or, perhaps, a bit lower one. Here is a short list of some things which make India one of the world’s leaders in providing QA offshore services:

  • The availability of expert QA engineers with experience in usage of automation tools
  • Surprisingly low costs of services if compared to the other parts of the world
  • Solutions of high quality
  • Delivery time is shorter
  • Once more – expertise in automation testing

India practically solves two major issues which make companies turn towards offshore testing outsourcing: price and time.

Major companies for your assistance

  • Orimark Technologies. The company offers to end services as well as solutions in both testing and development. Test consulting, testing trainings and testing services are what the company is specializing at. Orimark is considered to be amongst the testing-through leaders.
  • QA InfoTech. Globalization is the passion for these QA lovers. Software testing without borders is their goal. The company is doing its best in order to break the language barrier as well as other barriers amongst different people of different cultures.
  • STC ThirdEye. An Independent Company providing Software testing services. Lots of companies all around the globe are see this company as an embodiment of product testing in India. Optimization of quality, performance and availability are something these people do on a daily basis. Those are the crucial things for competitive edge improvement.
  • Cigniti. This is the world’s 3rd biggest Independent company providing software testing services. They offer TCoE, quality control, Enterprise Mobility Testing, Big Data Testing, Cloud Testing, Security and Performance testing, and Functional Automation as their services.

India is filled with other big providers of QA offshore services and is the choice of many and those of you who did not choose China before might make your stop here or continue the search for the truly ultimate QA offshore outsourcing company. It’s definitely somewhere around waiting for your software to be tested properly.