Regression Software Testing

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During software development special attention is traditionally paid to the issues of quality assurance. The most important aspects of quality are reliability and efficiency of the products. One can achieve high levels of reliability and performance as a result of complex measures aimed at improving the quality characteristics mentioned and carried throughout the software development life cycle. One of these measures is a complex software regression testing.

As soon as any changes in software have been made one should check software for bugs. Here regression testing helps to ensure that the latest version is not less stable that the previous one. The amount of bugs occurring in the process of regression testing runs up to 80% of the total amount of detected bugs.

Software regression testing is a collective term for all types of software testing services which are aimed at detection of bugs in the previously tested source code sections. To detect regression bugs is one of the most popular goals of testing.

Software regression testing is an imprescriptible part of the development process helping to:

  • reduce significant part of defects caused by changes made in the code during bug fixing or adding a feature;
  • have up-to-date documentation including test cases, results and software requirements specification;
  • maintain the system stability, the customers loyalty and their confidence in the quality of produced software;
  • minimize the expenses on technical support by reducing the number of emergencies while the commercial operation is being held.

In the context of software regression testing TestFort team of testers conducts the web, desktop and mobile application testing.

Following the most advanced and newest software testing technologies, having at its disposal a wide set of tools TestFort team will provide you with a successful solution in application regression testing.