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England, the misty continent, is our next stop in the offshore QA services quest. A country of iron standards that is as classy and conservative as it seems. England is a terrific place to pay a visit to, with all its mystery, fog, classics, architecture, castles and landscapes. British IT companies are swell partners and developers. Yet, they are not too fond of offshoring their services in the IT field. The same may be expected from software testing outsourcing provided by England.

Quality assurance: what England has to offer

Unfortunately, England is not on the top places to look for offshore services as around 90% of their IT companies use third party businesses to provide their own services. Thus you will, most likely, get services from India or China or Ukraine when requesting them from British software testing companies. You are most likely to get services on a higher level in England, the business communications will be from simply classy to 500$ Champagne Bottle-shake. Yet, the product testing will be done elsewhere.

England is actually managing their own projects well due the fact they mostly mistrust the ability of people from different countries to understand their customer the way they do. The business goals between companies seem different to an Englishman. That is why they rarely offshore projects and are not too much into providing quality assurance outsourcing services. Or that’s what they would say. That is pretty much a lie because they often use offshore QA services. The difference is that they are not proud of that fact, perhaps, because they are gentlemen.

I’d offer to continue our journey to the next country which might be the last stop for you, my fellow readers, or it might not. Still, I hope all of the countries described in this section of the site are of some informational value to you. And I hope you are enjoying your trip.