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What is QA documentation in software testing?

QA documentation is a set of documents that describe test planning, test design, test execution, test results and summaries of the testing activity.

QA documentation is an essential tool for facilitating a testing process, making it more systematic and accurate, its monitoring and control. Well-organized and kept up-to- date documentation is the key to testing success.

QA documentation includes the following documents: Test Plan, Testing Checklist, Requirements Traceability Matrix,Test Cases, Bug Reports, Test Scripts, Status Report, User Acceptance Report, etc.

To maintain and automatically introduce changes to QA documentation, such tools as SpecFlow and Cucumber are used, implementing data-driven approach.

Test Plan

The success of a testing activity depends on how detailed, extensive and comprehensive a Test Plan is. This QA document is shared with other teams, such as Project Managers, Developers, etc. Test Plan is a QA document that determines the scope, objectives, processes, risks, resources, strategies, schedule, exit criteria of a specific testing activity for software product .

The Test Plan document is usually prepared by Test Lead or Test Manager with significant contribution from test engineers.

Three main stages to be included into a Test Plan:

  • Test coverage. Test coverage describes which feature will be tested and which not, and during which phases.
  • Test Methods.Test methods describe what methods and strategies will be employed to implement testing of those features.
  • Test Responsibilities.Test responsibilities are tasks and roles assigned to different people or organizations.

There are the following types of Test Plans:

  1. Master Test Plan (contains High Level Information, more static, cannot be easily changed)
  2. Test Plan (more specific information, subject to constant changes)
  3. Product Acceptance Plan (acceptance testing strategies, dates, etc.)

TestFort QA Lab has solid experience in creating detailed and comprehensive Test Plans which ensure our testing projects are performed in the most efficacious way, and our customers are provided with top quality results.

Test Cases

Test cases are the core components of QA documentation. They define what features are expected to function, and how it should be done in compliance with the requirements.

Test Case is a set of test data, preconditions, expected results and post conditions devised for a specific testing scenario to verify compliance with the corresponding requirements. TestFort experts realize the importance of good test cases for ensuring effective, accurate and smooth testing process.

TestFort test engineers write precise test cases for mobile and desktop applications, web services, cloud apps and Big Data platforms. Test case services from TesFort include Test Case Running, Test Case Writing and Test Case Execution.


A Checklist is a list of tasks that are written down to monitor whether all Test Plan-related items are attended to.

The purpose of the checklist is to facilitate monitoring and analyzing whether: the product meets all project requirements; the product withstands expected usage; all components of the product work as intended by design; software (application) is easy to use and meets usability requirements, etc.

TestFort specialists create checklists with different levels of details, depending on the Test Plan.