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SEGA PASS Gambling Platform (SPGP) provides services to organize the games for the players for real or fun money.

SPGP utilizes SOAP WS stack with SSL encryption and SSL mutual authentication to protect money transaction. Each game provider is supplied with unique SSL client certificate for access to SPGP services.

Game providers are responsible only for deposit/credit the players with win/lose amounts and bonuses. The players are doing all deposits and withdraw of real money using SPGP cashier site.

SPGP does not track who with who is playing the games. So, game provider can organize the games between players from SPGP system and players from own/other systems.

Key challenges to the project

Challenge: Various testing types needed to be completed. Integration with remote development team and other test team. White Box Oracle PL/SQL testing.

Solution: Put appropriate resources. Working closely with remote team, communicating by Skype and phone. Preparing artifacts for all phases and results.

Type of testing completed

  • Functional black-box automated and manual testing using Selenium RC
  • Regression testing
  • Interface testing
  • Integration testing
  • Oracle PL/SQL white box testing
  • Web Services testing with SoapUi

Tools: Web 2.0 techniques, Java, JSF, JBoss

Team size: 1 team lead, 2 test engineer