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The main purpose of the project was to create a CMS (Content Management System) very simple in use but with great functionality which would include e-store functionality. Admin End gives a possibility to create a Site Menu and add content to each item of the Menu. The Menu can be unlimited inlaid. In Admin End it is also possible to create a dynamic content in form of requests or image galleries where thumbnails create system tools automatically. It is also possible to create a block of news.

All content can be edited with the help of a MSWord-like WYSIWYG editor. There is a great tool of shopping cart in Admin End and tools to edit products. While uploading an image of product the system creates a thumbnail of current picture automatically.

There are shopping and payment modules.

In User End JavaScript Drop-Down Menu is created automatically in accordance with Admin End.

All content is designed with the aim not to harm the basic design. Template System is used in the project. The design can be updated easily in future.

The project is created in PHP as a programming language and MySQL as a database server.

Type of testing completed

  • Automated and manual testing
  • Functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Interface testing
  • Loading testing
  • Secure testing

Team size: 2 test engineers