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ERM provides services to rent flats, houses and rooms in 29 countries all over the world.

Key challenges to the project

Challenge: Various testing types needed to be completed. The main key of testing is to make sure that ads could be populated on different ERM sites and customers could link these ads one with other. Also test team is responsible for creation a big amount of various testing data and performing tests on different site’s types (stg; dev; live) provided by client.

Solution: Put appropriate resources. Working closely with remote team, communicating by Skype and e-mail. Preparing artifacts for all phases and results.

Type of testing completed

  • Functional black-box manual testing
  • Functional automated testing using Selenium RC
  • Regression testing
  • UI testing
  • Web Services testing with FireBug

Tools: Web 2.0 techniques, variety of browsers; FF add-ons; Java

Team size: 1 team lead, 2 test engineers

Duration: ~1500 hours