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Taptu.com is a new search engine for mobile phones. It is an innovative system built on the basis of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies. It takes into account differences of diverse handhelds and adapts the content of the pages displayed to sizes and other peculiarities of mobile devices (cell phones, BlackBerry, smartphones, etc.).

In its database Taptu has indexed millions of songs, videos and information about artists. A user can listen to them on a mobile phone wherever he/she is. But music is only a small part of the multimedia content which can be found with the help of Taptu.

Key challenges to the project

Challenge: a lot of platforms should be tested for a short time.

Solution: A specialized automated tool was used to speed up the testing process.

Type of testing completed

  • Functional testing
  • Blackbox testing
  • Compatibility testing

Tools: Web 2.0, Java

Team size: 1 team lead, 3 test engineers